5. System Optimize


System Optimize can automatically optimize the model of your selection to the
optimal speed by disabling some unnecessary applications or services under
certain environment. This set of System Optimize tools includes 6 powerful
utilities for optimizing your computer system.

 Menu Optimize: To optimize your menu items, you can choose which item to be
shown on your menu at your own will.

 Desktop Optimize: To optimize your desktop, you can choose which item to be
displayed on your desktop.

 Network Optimize: You can optimize the network connection that you select.

 Service Optimize: To optimize your service, such as Computer Browser, Remote
Registry, Security Center and much more…

 Startup Optimize: Display the items that are set to start when you launch your
computer. You can choose to disable or remove items to improve the startup

Other Optimize: You can choose the options to have them optimized according to
your special need.